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Do you ship internationally?

At this time BioFlex Personal Therapy Systems are only available in Canada and the United States. In Canada the Systems have been approved by Health Canada and are available without a prescription. In the United States the Systems have been approved by the FDA for sale to licensed practitioners and to individuals with a prescription. For more details on this please read our US order instructions.

Why do I need a prescription if I want the System delivered in the United States?

Meditech is in the process of getting the Systems approved for over-the-counter sales in the United States, however at this time, the FDA requires that all sales to individuals must be on a prescription basis only.

What conditions does the System treat?

In Canada, the Systems have been approved by Health Canada to treat musculoskeletal and joint conditions including arthritis, repetitive stress injuries, back pain, tendonitis and a wide range of sport related soft-tissue injuries.

In the United States the Systems are FDA cleared for relief of minor muscle and joint pain, arthritis, muscle spasm, relieving stiffness and promoting relaxation of muscle tissue.

How do you ship the System?

All shipments are made via UPS. For more details on shipping policies and procedures please click shipping.

Does the System come with a warranty?

Yes there is a one year warranty. For complete details please see the Warranty Policy.

What if the system is received damaged?

In this situation, please refer to our Return Policy.

Does the System come with instructions?

Yes! When you receive your System a detailed illustrated instruction manual will be included. A copy of the appropriate manual can be found here. Additionally, should you have any questions you can always call or email our customer service department at 1-844-770-0177 or customerservice@bioflexpersonal.com.

Are there any harmful complications or side-effects that I need to know about?

The BioFlex Personal Therapy System should not be used during the first trimester of pregnancy. In addition it should be avoided when photosensitive drugs are being utilized. For additional advice consult your physician.

How Do I find a clinic with a Professional BioFlex System?

A complete list of clinics can be found here.

How does light therapy work?

The BioFlex Personal Therapy System works by irradiating or bathing injured or diseased tissue with Red and Infrared light in a specific sequence, intensity and duration. When effectively applied, this process initiates a series of physiological reactions within the tissue cells that leads to the restoration of normal cell structure and function.

How does the sequence of red and infrared light work?

Each treatment is initiated by radiation of red light automatically followed by infrared light, not visible to the eye. After a certain amount of time, the completed sequence of red followed by infrared light will require the array to be transitioned on to the next placement.